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Mireille has been a fitness advocate for over 30 years.Mireille believes in healthy living. Being active and following healthy eating habits results in a balanced lifestyle. She is a Can Fit Pro certified Personal Trainer,Older Adult Specialist, Fitness Instructor Specialist,Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and a certified Zumba and Zumba Gold Instructor. Mireille also is a Level 1 Reiki practicioner Diploma. She has her CPR and AED certification.

In her early 40’s Mireille was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Despite her active lifestyle and healthy nutritional habits, this family inherit condition caught up with her.

She decided to modify her exercise regiment by reducing high impact activities and  by including natural calcium supplement in her diet. She now enjoys golfing,hiking,jogging and keeps her bones strong by doing resistance training.She has improved her bone density and makes constant effort to keep her muscles toned to provide a strong foundation for her skeletal system.

Mireille loves to instilled her passion for wellness to others. She is a personable and genuine person who is dedicated about educating and sharing her knowledge and experience of wellbeing and active lifestyle to all her clients.


“As a trainer Mireille is a rare find because she can appeal to a wide array of clients and has a vast knowledge of training to draw from. As a person, Mireille is equally rare because she has sense of humour and a positive attitude that can light up a room.” Rick Linseman

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