P1030720Health  Benefits for Being Active

  • Improved flexibility & range of motion
  • Develop core (stomach & back) & body strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved posture
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved Balance
  • Independence in your daily living activities
  • Reduce risks of Diabetes
  • Reduce risks of Cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduce risks of Osteoporosis and Falls
  • Reduce risks of Hypertension
  • Reduce level of high LDL & Increase level of HDL(Good Cholesterol)
  • Reduce risks of Dementia and Alzheimer (Cognitive Function)
  • Help prevent Heart Attach, Stroke and Premature Death
  • Better quality of life


Packages & Fitness  Classes

Zumba Gold classes schedule are as follow: Reserve your space now next session September 4th to October 30th

Sign up for our next session and save$$.  Tuesdays $99  Fridays $88   Drop In welcome $13

Tuesdays                                                  11:05 am  to 12:05 am          Location   Mill Bay  Hall, Shawnigan/Mill Bay Road,  

Friday                                                       10:00am to 11:00 am                     Location Mill Bay Hall   

Punch card available for 10 classes $125

Pre-Register  to guarantee your space

Drop In $13 per class

Mireille teaching Zumba Gold



Fall Prevention classes ( 5 participants max

Mondays  11am to 11:45am    

Location: Avant Garde Fitness Studio, Mill Bay

7 sessions   $91

Next session starting November 5th

We have 3 space available 




Fitness For You  classes (6 participants max)  Next session starts October 29th  Reserve your space now

When space permitted you can join the group after the starting date

Rosalie, 65 years young

Mondays & Wednesdays       9:30am to 10:30am 

  Location: Avant Garde Fitness Studio,Mill Bay

Next Session starting  October 29th to Dec 19th  

 16 sessions $256

 Tuesdays and Thursdays     6pm to 7pm

Starts October 30th to December 20th

Register Now,   only 6 participants per class

16 sessions $256

Register now  



Golf  Conditioning  Program (Private or small group session 4 to 6 max)

4 sessions  $210 price includes Fitness assessement (private)       Location: Avant Garde Fitness Studio Mill Bay

4 sessions  $ 84.00 (small group,price per person)                         Location: Avant Garde Fitness Studio Mill Bay


Barb doing a V-sit

Call for more info 250-709-7955

Classes Description

“Zumba Gold is a low-impact easy to follow Latin-inspired,dance-fitness class that incorporate Latin and international music and dance movements. This invigorating fitness program includes Merengue,Salsa,Cumbia,Belly Dance,Flamenco and Tango. The Zumba Gold program is specifically designed for the active older adult,the beginner participant,and other special populations that may need modifications for success.”

Fall Prevention Class are designed to improve core and legs strength, also balance to reduce the risk of falls. By increasing body awareness with simple exercises we create a stronger body able to react with sharp and swift balance. We are developing stronger and smarter muscles. Feel more confident and regain your strength for your daily activities.

Fitness For You classes are circuit like classes created for women who want to achieve weight loss,muscle tone, balance, core strength, cardiovascular  and muscular endurance. Each class is designed to target a specific area of the body. Each sessions runs for 6 to 8 weeks with 2 classes per weeks. We will use a variety of equipment and machines that will deliver results while having fun.We will develop a stronger,better, healthier body!!

The Golf Conditioning Program will help you improve your body mechanics,will strengthen your back and will provide you with a strong and stable core to maximize all your clubs distance. The program will target specific overused muscles during the golf game and develop a stronger muscle foundation to avoid injuries. This program is designed to get you ready for a pain free golf season.



Spaces are limited call to reserve your class. All registered class are non refundable and no credit will be issued for missed class due to sickness, holidays or other circumstances. Make up class can be done during the current session.

criss cross

criss cross


Call 250-709-7955 to Register or email missfitt@shaw.ca